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FreeAgent Review

Our FreeAgent review: no more spreadsheet hell

Our FreeAgent review no more spreadsheet hellGone are the days when you hand your accountant a box of receipts and then they come up with some figures at the end of the year.  Clients now want a personal dedicated contractor accountant and also online bookkeeping software that both the client and accountant can log into.

Here at >>Nimble Jack Accounting, we love working with technology and looked at most of the leading online accounting packages before deciding on FreeAgent (we also looked at Xero, Kashflow and Clearbooks).

We should say that we found FreeAgent works brilliantly for contractors, freelancers and small businesses.  If you have a larger business with thousands of product lines and lots of stock, you might be better off with Xero.

Some of the reasons we think FreeAgent stands out above the other packages:

  • Time saving – one client has saved 150 hours a year (that’s about four weeks!).  In the past they used old and outdated spreadsheet accounting tools.  However, with FreeAgent they spend minutes where they previously spent hours.  They simply upload their bank statements and categorise the transactions.  Less stress and more time to enjoy life.
  • No jargon - our clients find that although FreeAgent is based on double entry bookkeeping it is very easy to use with intuitive headings such as “Expenses” rather than accounting jargon like “Accounts Payable”.
  • Easy to use – we found the interface very user friendly. It takes clients no more than a few minutes to upload their logo and create estimates and invoices.
  •  Automation - if you know you have to send out an invoice every month to a client, why hire someone to do it?  FreeAgent does recurring invoices automatically, saving you time and money.
  • Easy recognition – keep on top of your bank accounts.  You can add as many bank accounts as you wish and reconcile them down to the penny with FreeAgent automatically recognising your common transactions.
  • Automatic bank feeds – FreeAgent can automatically download bank statements daily for you, saving you even more time!  Most of the major banks are now supported.
  • Useful reports – FreeAgent has gone for a quality rather than quantity approach when it comes to reports.  FreeAgent may not have as many reports as some of the other but they certainly do have the ones that matter.
  • Apps - FreeAgent has many fantastic apps available for smartphones and they are all designed to make your life easier.
  • Brilliant on the move – FreeAgent is known to work brilliantly from a smart phone, so you can now send invoices and estimates from anywhere in the world.
  • Log in anytime and anywhere – the lovely chaps at FreeAgent only do their maintenance in the middle of the night every now and then and we found no interruptions at all to the service when we tested FreeAgent.
  • Lovely Dashboard – our clients have commented on FreeAgent’s dashboard, which almost serves like a one page review of your accounts. Very importantly it gives you an idea of all your key taxes and when they are due in real time.  This means you will never get any nasty tax surprises.
  •  Cost - FreeAgent is not the cheapest of all the online accounting packages, however, as the famous saying goes , “never skimp on good shoes, a good bed  and a good accountant”.  Luckily for our clients we include it for FREE in our packages.

All in all we are very impressed with FreeAgent and that is why we provide it to our clients to use.  There are certainly other good online accounting packages, but our FreeAgent review highlights why we love it and the growing number of happy customers are a testament to that.