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How to set up a company


Choosing the right accountant can make all the difference, as a good one will make sure that you do not have any tax or accounting problems, and will understand the industry you are in.

Some of the key factors are:

  1. Qualifications – the term “accountant” is unfortunately not protected, so it means there are many firms out there who do not have any formal qualifications.  >>Nimble Jack Accounting is proud to be a firm of chartered certified accountants and are committed to providing the best service levels in the industry.
  2. Dedicated personal accountant – do you get a qualified personal accountant, who you will speak to every time you have a query? Many firms these days use “account managers”, who are not actual accountants at all. >Nimble Jack Accounting has a team of qualified personal accountants, who are always on hand to answer your query. Furthermore, you will always deal with the same accountant!
  3. Service level guarantee – many firms have a habit of leaving the accounts to the last minute. >>Nimble Jack Accounting guarantee to finish your accounts within one month of receiving all the information required.
  4. Contractor and freelancer specialists – there are many general accountancy firms out there, who do not understand all of the tax and accounting requirements and issues in the contractor and freelancer market. >>Nimble Jack Accounting are a firm of specialists and understand the industry in which you operate and train our staff to make sure they are up to date with all the current contractor tax legislation.
  5. IR35 legislation – this is something that strikes fear into the hearts of contractors, so you need to make sure that your accountant not only understands the legislation, but can provide you with expert advice to ensure you feel comfortable. >>Nimble Jack Accounting are IR35 accountants and will make sure you get the best advice.
  6. Accounting software – many accountants still only supply a “spreadsheet” bookkeeping tool to their clients and will make you fill in cumbersome templates to send invoices and claim expenses. Not to mention there is no interlinking with your bank account. >>Nimble Jack Accounting supply all their contractors and freelancers with the award winning online accounting software, FreeAgent. This means you can raise an invoice, claim an expense and pay yourself all within minutes. On top of that we will monitor your FreeAgent account from our side and make sure any potential issues are fixed before they occur.
  7. Fees – there are many providers out there charging from a very low fee to a very high fee. Cheaper fees often means missed out tax planning opportunities and letting issues fester until they become an accounting and tax nightmare. There are also firms charging an extremely high fee, simply because they can get away with it. Here at >>Nimble Jack Accounting we are a firm of chartered certified accountants and only charge a fair price for a high level of service.
  8. Face to face meetings – many accountants are purely online and do not allow you meet them face to face. This will never be the case with >>Nimble Jack Accounting.  You are always welcome to come and meet us at any of our locations.
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